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South San Francisco Probate Attorney

Probate Administration

If the decedent's estate requires probate, the affairs of the estate are overseen by a probate court and executed according to the California Probate Code. In these matters, John A. Mangini represents personal representatives (probate administrators and executors).

This representation includes obtaining the appointment of the personal representative by the court and advising and representing the representative throughout the probate administration. Mr. Mangini works diligently to provide personal representatives with the reliable support and assistance they require.

Comprehensive Probate Services

The probate administration process includes inventorying the assets of the deceased, paying debts and taxes of the deceased and estate, and distributing the balance to the beneficiaries or heirs. Mr. Mangini assists clients with these and other matters throughout the probate of an estate.

Attorney John A. Mangini has been handling estate and probate matters on behalf of clients for more than 20 years. He uses his experience to help guide clients through the complex and confusing process of probate.

Contact a South San Francisco Probate Lawyer

The Law Office of John A. Mangini is located in South San Francisco, California. To schedule a free consultation with attorney John Mangini, call 650-876-0188, or contact the firm by e-mail.


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